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Опис компанії "Corum Group International S.à.r.l."

Corum Group, the global leader in technology M&A, is looking for a hard-working candidate to join its expanding research team in Ukraine. This is a new position, working with both the research and marketing department to maintain our extensive database of potential sellers and acquirers.

You will deploy your English-language, research, data entry and critical thinking skills to identify and classify critical contacts in the technology and finance industries.

  • web research
  • data entry
  • customer relationship management (CRM) system use
  • duplicate removal and related tasks to improve data quality
  • working with project management systems to track progress on research projects
  • helping with other marketing/research projects


  • English: Upper Intermediate
  • Analytical skills
  • This is an entry level position for those interested in working in the technology and/or finance industries, working in a highly professional and dynamic environment.
  • Necessary qualities include Internet savvy, proficiency with Microsoft Office, a proven attention to detail, fast and accurate typing, English language fluency, a positive attitude and a conscientious work ethic.
  • Familiarity with or experience in in the technology sector preferred.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics CRM or other prior database experience are a plus; but passion and dedication count for a lot -- we will train.
  • A Bachelor’s degree is required, Business or Marketing preferred. You should be a team player, with the ability to work independently, and be comfortable and confident interacting with high level executives and others in a professional, investment bank office setting.

This is an entry-level position at a new Corum office, working with company headquarters in Seattle, a corresponding research team in Ukraine, and other Corum staff and dealmakers across North America, Europe and beyond. We are a smart, flexible team. If you want a predictable job in a large bureaucracy, don't apply. If you want to join a small, dynamic team that advises CEOs around the world, come join us.


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Всё плохо. Не советую.
Начальства больше чем рабочих. Нормального инструмента нет. Часто вообще никакого нет.
Станки говно,никто их не ремонтирует. Виноват всегда ты, зарплату никогда не увидишь ту, что обещают.
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2021-02-04 16:14:15
Свет шахтера говно
Работал два года в М2. Начальник цеха, кретин. Зарплаты те что обещают не платят. Какое расширение штата, просто люди увольняются, вот они и ищут лохов новых
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2020-12-27 13:29:16

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